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A Taste of Montréal

Posted by  on Wednesday, May 19th, 2010 at 8:57 am

Steve and I took a road trip to Montreal for our 2 year anniversary. What a romantic place! The city has a unique European vibe, being the second largest partially French-speaking city in the world, after Paris. Our favorite part of the city was Old Montreal, it’s built up along the waterfront and lined with cobblestone streets and charming outdoor cafés along Rue Saint-Paul.

Old Montreal

Old Montreal Architecture

Most importantly, here are a few highlights from our dining experiences. The most memorable restaurant was Chez L’Epicier, where everything was very French and exceptionally delicious.

Goat cheese salad

Goat cheese salad from Chez L’Epicier

chez l'epicier

Salmon entree from Chez L’Epicier

fruit and Nutella crepe

Crêpe from café

Being from NY, I “thought” our bagels trump all. We heard through the grapevine that Montreal was famous for its amazing bagels. So naturally, we took the metro 45 minutes outside of the city to try  them. It was almost like going to Brooklyn. There are two notable bagel places;  Fairmount Bakery and St.Viateur. We tried Fairmount, and the bagels were the best I have ever had. They were small, honey-boiled and absolutely delicious. Steve and I both ate one, went back for a second, and then went back and bought a dozen to bring home.
Montreal Bagel

Bagel from Fairmount

Overall, Montreal was a great choice for our little getaway. Next time we venture up that way, we hope to make it to Quebec City, which I hear is a must if you have the extra time. I leave you with this cute street performer. Au Revoir!

Montreal man
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Funny that on your way to Montreal, I see you at Hoboken Hot Bagels. You heart bagels. But those do look REALLY good. Not going to lie…xo

May 19th, 2010 at 1:05 pm

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