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One Dog: The one and only Dog in my life is Stella. She is a 4 year old yorkie/mini pinscher mix, who rules my household completely.

One Diva: This would be me. Although I have exhibited diva-like behavior in the past, this goes deeper than that. I work at an opera house, and even though I can’t sing Happy Birthday without some embarrassment, I am still a diva at heart.

I live in Hoboken, New Jersey with my husband Stephen, and Stella of course. We recently bought a house in the Catskills and spend most of weekends relaxing up in the country. Besides cooking, I enjoy photography, traveling and reading.

One Dirty Martini: We all know this could turn into two or even three on a good (or bad) night. This is my drink of choice, I like it best when ordered as “grey goose up with a splash of olive juice.” (My husband taught me that).

Thanks to Kate, for coming up with the tag line that actually describes my life in such a precise way. You truly are the queen of one-liners.